Get Organized
  • Spend the last 15 minutes of your night or the first 15 minutes of every morning reviewing what you need to accomplish. This small amount of time can save you hours later in the day, ensuring you have to necessary information, materials, and plans in place to effectively go about your day.

  • Reflect on your personal mission and goals, making sure you have considered these in planning your day.

  • Review your to-do list daily. Make sure the things on your list or things that are important in accomplishing your goals. Watch that you don't feel up your to-do list with things that help other people get ahead at the expense of accomplishing your goals.

  • Know when you are at your best. For some it's first thing in the morning, for others, it's right before bed. Use this time to accomplish your most challenging task so you can focus your best energy on it.

  • Make sure you set aside enough time to get done what needs to get done. Don't sell yourself short. It's better to block out four hours to study for your math test for math and then find out you only need three then it is to have only set aside two hours and find you need four! Remember that learning is to key reason you are at school. Set aside enough time to make the most of your studies and make this time focused time.

  • Use only one calendar and carry it with you routinely. At a minimum, your calendar should have sections for dates, notes, phone numbers/addresses, and homework assignments. There is no need to have a fancy leather-bound calendar. A plain old notebook with some calendar pages in it and divided sections will work just fine. Find one you are comfortable with.

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