1.     Create Your Vision

When creating your personal vision, be ambitious and be specific. Think about what you really want to achieve. Don't be afraid to create a vision like 'become self-employed within 5 years of graduating from college.' By setting lofty visions you increase your expectation of yourself and your actions will likely follow.

By reflecting on these questions, you begin to form a clear picture of where you need to be focusing your daily efforts. Sit down and really think about these questions. Write out your answer so you can refer to them routinely (the front of your calendar is a great location for your personal vision). Once you have defined this vision, you can use it as a measuring stick for each of your daily activities. Are you spending your time on things that are crucial to your personal vision, crucial to what is truly important to you?

2. Set Concrete Goals

Once you know what is important to you, you need to set concrete goals. Goals take your personal vision and transform it into achievable task.The crucial step in goal setting is making sure that you have set an effective goal. This means making sure your girls are SMART. The SMART model allows you to take goes like ‘study more’ and make it something that you can actually work to achieve

3. Develop a Daily Plan

Armed with personal vision and concrete goes, you are ready to tackle your day to day tasks. Most of us referred to the way we accomplish our daily tasks as time management. This is really a missed leading term. It implies that you have to ability to control time, when in reality, Time marches on at a steady pace regardless of what you do. What do you really need to do is learn to manage yourself in the time that you have available to you.